The Beginning

The Cote d’Ivoire facility is well guarded both from attack and from surveilance. While we believe the building to have primarily a glass facade, the very close proximity of the forest around it makes any closer scrutiny impossible. Furthermore, a lead composite mesh in the roof keeps us from being able to use EM satellites to see into the building, we have no idea as to its layout. We know that a complex jamming array will keep us from contacting you once you approach the facility. Your first task must be to disable this array.

The building is undoubtedly guarded by a number of alarm systems. You should avoid triggering this alarm at all costs.

We have attempted to monitor the power input into this building. While we have not discovered much, we do know that local power to the building is occasionally interrupted, when this happens the building continues to function on a generator. It is reasonable to assume there are at least two backup generators each capable of supporting the building.

You will be high altitude para-dropped roughly one mile from the site to avoid detection. just before landing we will lose contact with you. after that you are on your own until you disable the jamming array. good luck.

The Beginning

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