Peace should be embraced, like an outstretched hand it should be welcomed and grasped.

When the world’s powers cannot, will not, or do not intervene when the time comes for that hand to become a fist. We will.

This is Force-Team Omega, F/Ω, referred to by those who know as Omega, the end. Created as a private military company prior to WWII, Omega was adopted by NATO and became a global military force only known to the most executive officers in the NATO Security Council. In 1968 Omega was released by NATO. A truly secret organization must have no ties. Omega answers to no one and is fully autonomous. When the most important people in the world need help, they know who to ask.

Omega serves as a proving ground and ongoing experiment to the absolute bleeding edge of warfare technology. Omega’s resources, training and tactics are second to none. Hand picked and turned into the ultimate weapons, we are the unknown elite.

The Mission:
Sophisticated weaponry has started to become more and more abundant in the occupied middle-east. Tracking down the source of this technology has proven exceedingly difficult. Furthermore, the motives of those responsible have been unclear. They have provided weaponry to various extremist factions, some of which have come into contact with US soldiers in the area. However, rival factions involved in their own skirmishes have been documented with these weapons. Firearms, explosives, artillery, missiles and even armor have been reported.

The problem has been growing for some time and normally a simple arms sale would not be the concern of Omega, but the scale and scope of the problem leads our analysts to believe that it is a significant hindrance to stability in the area.

We have tracked down an armament manufacture facility in southern Ivory Coast which is most likely a part of the responsible organization. Your mission is to infiltrate the facility, gather any intelligence and disable the facility from further use.


Fire Team Omega peluche399